Distance Transport

Last Leg Taxi also offers rides to neighboring towns as a convenience to our customers. Feel free to give us a call if you need a ride.

Please allow least 24 hours of courtesy notice in order to get a driver scheduled for you.

Aberdeen                                                                  $300.00

Bismarck                                                                     $250.00

Carrington                                                                  $85.00

Carrington to Fargo                                                   $300.00

Detroit Lakes                                                             $325.00

Devils Lake                                                                $250.00

Fargo                                                                          $250.00

Grand Forks                                                               $350.00

Lisbon                                                                        $150.00

Medina                                                                       $80.00

Minot                                                                          $350.00

Minneapolis                                                               $650.00

Montpelier                                                                 $40.00

Sioux Falls                                                                 $650.00

Valley City                                                                 $80.00


The above prices are flat rate and do not include driver’s tip. All rides must be paid in full prior to transport.


Additional persons taking the trip give an added cost of $10.00/person


There is a $50 minimum fee for ill stomach or smoking in our vehicles. All Major Credit Cards Accepted!